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Blichmann Floor Burner

Does anyone know if this Blichmann Floor Burner will accommodate a keggle?

I’d ask someone at NB via the “live chat” but it appears to be down. ... urner.html

The brackets on top are adjustable up to a 20-21 inch diameter, and down to about 15 inches. Should fit a keggle with no problems.

Should be fine. I recommend getting the extension legs if using it without the top tier. Very nice to drain right into a carboy.

my keggle fit in between the brackets but since the bottom isn’t flat like a kettle it wasn’t a tight fit and if you bring the slides in closer to take up some of the extra space it sat on top of the brackets. so i ordered the leg extensions and cut new brackets out of the old legs that were taller and had a better selection of holes for a more snug fit. i tell you though it sure beats brewing on a cook top. the burner is a nice addition.

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