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Blichmann Beergun problem

I must be doing something wrong. I feel that I have everything hooked up correctly, yet when I press the button on the gun to purge the bottle, I do not hear co2 entering the bottle. I have a dual regulator and I am running one of the gas lines to the keg and the other gas line to the gun. I checked to make sure co2 was coming out prior to attaching the gas line to the beer gun. After I connect the line to the beer gun, no gas. What am I doing wrong? Everything else on the gun seems to be working (the gas line going to the keg is pushing the beer through the gun to the bottle).

Sounds like you have it set up properly. Beer does come out with you pull the “trigger” but CO2 doesn’t come out when you push the brass button?

it is very hard to hear, at least on mine it is, can you feel anything coming out?

Exactly. The type of gas hose wouldn’t matter, would it? I’m using the blue vinyl gas line but the accessory kit sold with the gun uses the clear gas line. I thought it might be a faulty gun, but my wife accidentally ordered two, so I tried the other one…same problem. Maybe I can post some pics of the setup.

I can’t here or feel a thing.

could be faulty, positive everything is turned on and hooked up right?
what pressure do you have it at?

Did you watch the video on using the Beergun? The link is on NB’s catalog page for the item. I turned up the volume when he purged and I could hear the gas. He also had a little Starsan in the botom of the bottle and you could see it foam. He had the regulator set at 5psi.

Yes, I’ve seen the video…it looks like I might have to contact NB…I’m stumped.

Did you use the accessory kit with it or get your own parts? I just picked a Beer Gun up yesterday at the NB store and all I needed was the gas line adapter. First thing I picked out of their parts bins was a check valve. They look similar and I imagine a check valve installed in the gun that way would might not allow gas to go through.


Check valve

Ever get it going? How do you like it? What is the ID of the metal rod going into the bottle?

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