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Blew a fuse during brew

After steeping grains at 160 F I and adding LME for my pale ale brew I was raising temperature to boil. Its a slow process on stove and after a period of time it reached 180 F. At that time sparks flew from under the stove top. The breaker kicked in and my stove died mid brew. I covered the pot with approximately 3.5 gallons of wort and proceeded to make sure I hadn’t started a fire and ‘calmly’ collect my thoughts about the situation with the beer.
I left the brew covered for about an hour and then decided to finish the brew. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I now have 5 gallons of I’m not sure what it is. It is fermenting. Is there any hope for this batch. I will get a propane burner for outdoor brewing after we get our stove rewired.
This was my second batch with a Williams Brewing set up. Very successful the first time around. I may have killed the stove but the brewing will continue on. I appreciate everyones input on this issue. To dump or not to dump?

Why dump? I’ve run out of propane in the middle of a boil once, and after a quick (45 minute) break to get a new tank, resumed the boil. The beer came out fine.

Should have been clearer. Was never able to boil. As we speak we are getting ready to go shopping to replace our old range as it was officially declared dead this morning. The wort never came close to a boil.

I understand it, a good vigorous boil is necessary to break up proteins and the oils from the hops.

I hope you will continue this experiment and let us know how it ends up. Your sacrifice is our gain. :wink:

I’ve played around with no-boil brews, and they turn out pretty much fantastic. Pasteurization occurs above 160, DMS converts above 180, so as long as you’re within that range it’s all good; safe to drink with no off-flavors. If anything, no-brew beers lack bitterness due to poor hop utilization. If you didn’t boil, I assume you didn’t get to add hops. In my no-boils I add the hops to the mash, but if you’re already fermenting you could dry hop it.

Some of the greatest discoveries throughout history came out of what was thought to be error. Premium chocolate was invented when the owner of the chocolate factory mistakenly left a machine on over the night. When he came back the next day what he found was extremely smooth and delicate chocolate. Maybe you will invent a new process for brewing that will become all the rage. In 100 years people will be singing your praises for having come across the this new brewing method.

There are some historical styles of beer that traditionally don’t get boiled. Berliner Weiss is one. I helped make a Sahti a couple months ago that had a very long mash, but no boil. We sparged the grain and drained it directly into the fermentor. The one thing about it though was that the wort DIDN’T get pasturized, despite the long mash. Sahti only has a 3-4 week window in which to drink it after fermentation is complete; after that it goes bad.

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