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Blending lager yeast

I recently visited an new homebrew shop in Seattle. The owner suggested I try Imperial L17 yeast for a vienna lager I’m brewing. Seemed like a cool idea so I went with his suggestion. Imperial has the whole “one pack will do ya” thing going on and I asked the guy if that applies to lagers as well, he said one pack will produce a nice clean lager every time (5.5 gallons).

Today is brew day and I’m having second thoughts and kicking myself. I know better, 20 min of work last night and I could have a nice starter on the stir plate ready to pitch in a couple hours. Dumb, I know. Looking through the brew fridge, I have a pack of Saflager w-34/70, I’m thinking of pitching that with the L17 to up the cell count I’m pretty sure they are different strains so my question is, does anyone have good/bad experience with blending strains?

I have a few times when I was worried yeast wasn’t working… Could I tell? nope…
I suspect all the “bottle conditioned” brews are mixed yeasts… kinda thing… The do the major ferment with their primary yeast, the bottle condition with some other…
You tell us ifn it came out alright… Which I bet it will!!

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i threw some 34/70 in with some WY Bavarian lager once. It was fine

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Good deal. I’m gonna throw it all in there. I’ll try to remember to follow up on here. Gonna be a while though, my wife found a bunch of corny kegs at a garage sale for 5 bucks a piece. My wife is awesome and bought em all so now I’m just filling them for “later”. Anyway thanks for the 2 cents.


Update: my Vienna lager came out great. I decided to keep the party going and pitched an Altbier right onto the yeast cake and fermented that @60 degrees. I carbed the Alt and sampled that and it was righteous as well. Now both are lagering away!! Cheers.

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