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Blending different worts and OG calculation

what is the proper way to calculate gravity when belding worts or sugar bases?

for example: I start with X amount of apple juice that’s 1.052, then add X amount of cider concentrate that’s 1.205. What’s the calculation to find original gravity?


If I had to guess I would say it would be

(pvt1OG1) + (pvt2OG2) + … + (pvtn*OGn)

Where pvt is the percentage of total volume of each solution (as a decimal).

In other words lets say in your example solution 1 was OG 1.052 and 80% of the total finished volume and solution 2 was OG 1.205 and 20% of the total finished volume it would be

(0.81.052) + (0.21.205 ) = 1.061

This is completely just a guess but it kinda makes sense in my head :slight_smile:

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