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Blending Concord Grapes

OK, I admit to ignorance bordering on stupidity but here goes.
I have a lot of Concord Grapes in part of my yard and have several other wine varieties starting to take off such as Zinfandel , merlot, etc but not enough grapes yet to make wine from. I could just eat them but could I combine a pound( that’s about all I have of each and others) to my concord grapes just for the fun of it.

I have some white wine grapes also but I have enough of those to make white wine such as my chardonnay and French Colombard.

I have mixed my concord grapes with various types of fruit but I want to experiment… or should I just eat the grapes until I have enough to make wine from them.

Thank you,
wine buff

Both are viable options.

If it were me, and I was to expect a decent yield from your other varieties, I would tend to wait it out and make the best wine you can from those.

Concord are not fantastic wine grapes, but people do make wine from them. Your blending idea is one way to go, but you may risk a decline in quality for an increase in volume.

Difficult choice. Without knowing more about how to pre-judge yield and quality on the vine, it would be hard for me to advise with certainty.

But my feeling is that you would get better wine without involving the concord.

thanks for the feedback,
winebuff :smiley:

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