Blended hop pellets?

I was reading up on my hops and came across a reference to the benefits of pelletizing. One of the benefits mentioned is the potential for blending hops. Has anyone actually seen/used this insanity or am I the one who’s crazy?

Zythos, falconers flight, falconers flight 7c’s are all blends.

I used zythos for the first time last night in a ipa. I also have the 7c’s, but haven’t used them yet.

Oh and I forgot to mention Centennial Type Blend.

Centennial type: Typical alpha: 9.0-12.0%. This is a replacement for the popular Centennial hops made from a blend of Cascade and Columbus. Good, clean bittering properties and a spicy and citrusy aroma and flavor. This blend is perhaps a bit earthier and less grassy than normal Centennial, but is an excellent sub.

Falconers Flight: Falconer’s Flight™ is an exclusive proprietary hop blend created by Hop Union to honor and support the legacy of Northwest brewing legend, Glen Hay Falconer, who passed in 2002. The blend is comprised of many of the Northwest’s most unique hop varieties, including Citra™, Simcoe®, and Sorachi Ace along with experimental hops and numerous other NW varieties. Perfect for any Northwest-style IPA. Each hop has been hand selected for its superior aromatic qualities, imparting distinct tropical, citrus, floral, lemon and grapefruit tones. A portion of the proceeds go to support the Falconer Foundation, which supports brewers and brewing. Approximate Alpha Acid 10.5%.

Falconers Flight 7c’s: Typical Alpha: 9-11%. A proprietary hop blend from HopUnion that includes 7 of the “c” hops along with a few experimental varieties. The citrus/grapefruit character associated with Cascade and Centennial is there, alongside fruity, spicy, and earthy notes that make for a complex impression.

Zythos: Typical Alpha: 10-12%. A proprietary blend of hops from HopUnion, designed for complex flavor in IPAs and similar hoppy American styles. Zythos is strongly aromatic, with tangerine, lemon, grapefruit, and pine notes. Try it in place of Amarillo, Sorachi Ace, or Simcoe.

Not only are there multi-varietal blends but pelletizing also makes it so there’s less stratification in the pellets AA% of the same variety. They’ll blend different lots of the same variety to hit an average AA% or for some breweries who will contract for a specific AA%.