Bland maris otter

I recently finished off a bag of simpson maris otter. I feel like the malt is rather bland and flavorless. Its my first bag, so I don’t have a lot of experience with it. Do any of you feel the same about this malt?

Bland compared to what? I’ve never heard of anyone describing it in those terms.

i always thought it had more flavor than american 2-row

Same here…I find it anything but bland. I’ve used it in Scotch Ales, American Ales, Burtons, and even in a few lager styles (like Maibock, with a small percentage of Munich II added) and the malt character has always been quite nice. I have also freely substituted it with other varieties of two row and while there are differences, it has never disappointed.

To the OP…just curious: what kind of beers did you make with the Simpson Maris?

Maybe bland wasn’t the right descriptor. I feel like it doesn’t have as much malt flavor as domestic two row. I was expecting the opposite.

You know, looking back, it could just be a couple batches in question…an american stout and a red ale.