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Black Session IPA?

Yes, shake it off, learn from your fault and you’ll be a better brewer for it! Sneezles61

Assuming it was the cleanser/sanitizer switcheroo that led to this is fine, but I would take one non brew day, and clean everything with a vengeance with PBW and Starsan. Especially now that you have had one(two?) infected batches. Some might even replace the plastic hoses soft parts, etc.
Good Luck! I’ve never had to dump a batch thus far(Lucky) but I have had one batch of overcarbed grenades(just as bad) :sob:

That’s pretty high attenuation. I’d be concerned about some infection as well. Give everything a good PBW soak. Did you bottle or keg any just to see if age would improve it?

Nope. It was so bad that I think if I was reincarnated it probably wasn’t going to make it. Thanks guys!

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