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Black IPA question

I am brewing a small batch of the Black IPA. The recipe says to add the priming sugar at the end of the 45 minute boil. I’m a rookie brewer and so far I thought priming sugar was added after fermentation and just before bottling. Why is Black IPA different?

I do not know anything bout this kit/recipe in particular, but I’m assuming if they want you to add some sugar to the boil it would be to boost the gravity?

You are correct, priming sugar would have to be added at bottling to carbonate.

If this is a kit I would contact the manufacturer for clarification.

If a recipe you got somewhere else it could just be a typo or incorrect write up.

You are asking a legitimate question here, so proceed carefully. A little more info about this recipe or where you got it would be helpful.

The NB recipe is below. I’ll check with them on Monday. The kit itself has all the components according to the recipe, so I assume it must be to boost the SG. ... GALLON.pdf


I have made that kit before and it does call for a 1 lb addition of corn sugar at the end of the boil to help boost the gravity. You should still have 5 oz of priming sugar left for bottling day. BTW great choice the BIPA is an amazing kit and still the best beer that I have brewed!

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