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Black IPA Extract kit w/ Citra?

I have the Black IPA Extract kit on order, and by chance my LHBS had Citra whole hops in stock last week… I snagged 1 oz and am thinking of dry hopping the Black IPA w/ the Citra. The kit recipe calls for dry hopping w/ 1 oz Cascade… Should I replace the Cascade with Citra, or do a double dry hop? If double, should I finish with the Citra?

Use both - you can’t go wrong with more dryhops in an IPA! :wink:

+1! Add both. I find myself dryhopping my IPAs with more and more hops each batch.

I have the same kit and am excited for the black ultra hop experience. If it’s any where near one of my fav’s Widmer Pitch Black I’ll be in heaven. Along with the 1oz of Cascade called in the recipe I also have some Liberty hanging about and might toss an ounce of that in as well. Good Luck with your’s.

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