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Black IPA - Carboy v. Bucket for Fermenting

Next up is NB’s Black IPA kit. I have several buckets and a 5 gal glass carboy. I’d like to skip the secondary, which from what I gather on the forum is okay.

Question is - do you think I can use the 5 gallon glass carboy with a 1 inch diameter blow off tube as a primary? Will that give me enough head space. 5 gal batch. Plan on using the Wyeast that is recommend for the kit.

Or, should I use the 6.5 gal bucket? If I use the bucket as a primary, is it okay to leave the brew in the bucket for 3+ weeks?

Thank you in advance for the assistance.

I’d use the bucket. That beer is higher gravity and very well may blow off in a 6 gallon carboy. In a 5 gallon it definitely will. Save the 5 gallon carboy for a secondary for something… or maybe a 4 gallon batch of something.

And yes, you can keep beer in buckets for 3 weeks and longer. My primaries routinely sit for 3-4weeks. Sometimes longer if I’m busy. Weeks isn’t an issue. Months is.

Just racked my NB Black IPA into secondary. Boy was I glad my instincts told me to use a blow off tube right from the start. That beer can be a monster, I suggest you head this warning! Use the bucket and thick blow off tube my friend, ya can’t go wrong with that.

i always use a 6 gal carboy for primary and i had a few wheat beers blow off. ive never made an ipa but i would think your better off with the bucket.

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