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Black Friday sales

Anyone order any new equipment or supplies with todays sales? Ordered a Lamotte Brewlab basic for $99. I want to dial in my water.

Nice purchase. I’d love to play with that. I went to my LHBS and the bus got me there 20 min before it opened. They let me in anyway and I got the run of the store for a while. A great shopping day

I’ll bet the sales will get better… Perhaps its time to get stuff to rebuild my old kegs… Some of the poppets leak… some of the O-rings look tattered… Its a good time! Sneezles61

Before and after Christmas is a great time to get deals. I resist the whole black Friday thing. I don’t buy anything on black Friday. Corporate America again trying to weasl their way in and spoil a family holiday.


Yeah I didnt go anywhere. It was considered a black Friday deal but it was on morebeer and it was cheaper than when I looked at it last.

I read a couple reviews that are making me worried about the brewlab kit. Some of the reagents have a shelf of 6 months. A couple people got kits with some reagents only having a couple months left. When I get mine on Monday if anything is aging I’m just going to send it back.

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Me did not even bother. About. Black friday. Or cyber monday. Just a way to weasel you out of cash

If you ask my wife, everyday is black friday somewhere.

Exactly my point. No need to hijack a holiday and my inbox they have all year to hawk there crap.

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Wait I thought no more stuff was coming in

My wife international amazon or visa day

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It seems the Black Friday deals have been getting mundane as if late. Maybe a few dollars off here and there. Nothing like the good ol’ days that caused pandemonium.

As far as cyber Monday, seems like the same deals as Black Friday.


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I saw kegs at kegs for $19 today only

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I have a deal to purchase, 3 for 20 bucks… Pin lock… Have any of you used that universal poppet setup yet? Maybe I should buy a dozen to see if they work? Williams brewing has them,L92… Sneezles61

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