Black Cream Ale

Did this one Thur. night - it’s been chugging since ~ noon Friday. My first cream stout.
9 # MO
1 # 60 L Cara Munich
.5 # 120 L Crystal
.5 # Briess Blackprinz
.5 # Carafa 2
4.5 oz Roasted Barley
1 # lactose
2 oz Bravo, boil 60 minutes
SO-4 yeast
OG 1.067
It’s a done deal now, so no going back, but any predictions/comments are welcome.

It looks more like a milk stout than a black cream ale

It is - that’s just what I’m calling it. Hey, unlike one of those regular cream ales, it does at least have a milk product in it, not to mention flavor and alcohol.