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Black Butte Clone

Looking around the forums, there seems to be a lot of differing renditions of this awesome Porter.

From the Deschutes website they list the malts and hops used … rter-clone

Any ideas as to how to get close with a recipe?

Google “black butte clone cybi.”

They get the recipe straight from the brewer. I’ve brewed it twice and it’s spot on.

I got the chance (through my job) to sit down with a retired QA mgr from Coors. (Yeah, yeah… These guys are at the top of their industry scientifically)

He offered to taste it for me, so the next day I brought him a bottle. Without looking at my notes, he was able to nearly tell me the exact grain bill, hop origin, ibu, srm, abv. Insanely impressive.

Without being polite, he said the beer could easily be a high selling commercial example.

That recipe is pretty solid. Just make sure to use the proper lovibond chocolate malt.

OK thanks.

I saw that recipe, noticed that the hops listed were off from what Deschutes lists, and thought it might have been formulated before this list was put on the brewery’s website. But I’ll go for it, even with the step mash, that I usually skip. I’ll def. need to up my calcium, real soft water where I am :smiley:

As for your story about the QA guy from Coors: cool, wicked cool. Wish I could do that.

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