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Black Barleywine

I enjoyed my second and last bottle of Sierra 30 Jack and Ken’s Ale, which they called a black barleywine. It had just a hint of roast to it that tasted like black patent malt to me. It was a great beer and I wish I had more to cellar for a few years.

I was thinking of reworking my Bigfoot inspired recipe into something like this:
88% pale malt
6% Simpsons medium Crystal
3% debittered black
3% black malt
DME as needed to get the gravity up, as my mash tun isn’t big enough for a really big beer.
I think all black malt would make it too harsh, but a smaller amount won’t get the color.

Thoughts on that grain bill? I haven’t figured out the hopping yet. The beer didn’t seemed to be hopped as much as Bigfoot, but it was also a year old.

what yeast are you planning on? looks like it’s gonna be amazing depending on your hop schedule!

I’ve got an APA fermenting with 1272 that I’ll use.
I’m leaning towards a .75:1 BU:GU with Magnum to bitter and tons of Cascades. The Sierra beer was all Cascades, according to the video with Ken and Jack that’s still on the web.

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