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Black and blueberry melomel

To mash or to purée? That is the question. I got around 10-12 lbs or blackberries and blue berries for a mead and I was wondering which way would be the best to get this thing started. Mashing the crap out of the berries or tossing them in the food processor.

Either will work.
How lazy are you? The food processor would be easier.

Freezing first will help break down the cell walls. I’ve only used them once. I split an 8 gal batch of farmhouse ale, 5 in a keg, and 3 into 2nd with 7 lbs of mixed berries.

I used frozen berries, brought up to 160* while mashing. Covered and cooled overnight.

Came out a Deep Purple with no haze.

BTW, I used about 5 lbs blueberries and the rest mixed cane berries.

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