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I’m considering studying for BJCP. Anyone have advice how long I should give myself to study? I know a decent amount about beer. I’d like to schedule my exam now so I have a goal to work toward (otherwise I will get lazy and not study). Any information or advice will be appreciated.


I’d give yourself at least 6 months.

I studied the revised exam guide for about a week straight and passed the Online Entrance Exam on the first try. I guess it all depends on your level of knowledge going into it. Once you read over the exam guide and feel pretty proficient with the methods and science behind brewing, I would recommend really focusing on the Style Guidelines section and memorizing them. A lot of the questions on my online exam were style based questions.

Good luck!

I agree with Denny that 6 months and the “old standard” 13 week BJCP study class presented by BJCP judge is the best way to pass the legacy essay test. I took the legacy essay test back in December before the new format came out and it would have been difficult to pass without that prep. Having said that, I suspect that a T/F and multiple “guess” test would have to be easier and may not require that level of study.

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