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BJCP study group questions and other sundry topics

My club has a bunch of members who want to put together a BJCP study group. We have an exam date set for July of 2015. I have a ton of materials to use to for the curriculum including off flavor panels, style guidelines, tasting panels etc. I am sure there is a ton of stuff I have not thought of yet. We are not being led by any current judges or anything. I do have someone I can ask questions of and who will administer the exams, but I am hoping to get some other input.

My first question is how many people should I allow into the class? My gut is telling me a group of about 15, realizing there will be some attrition.

Our club is made up of people who are very family oriented, and so most members don’t have much spare time. For this reason I am planning on once a month BJCP meetings of 2-3 hours, doing a couple of categories and maybe an off flavor panel per session. Then every 3 months or so a big 8-10 hour Sat class where we hit a bunch of stuff heavy. I have been told by my judge friend that he and a couple other judges could come over and help for these big weekend sessions. Before the exams, we would do a big review to refresh.

Any thoughts from folks who have organized such a thing before? any advice or encouragement would be welcome.

Thanks in advance!


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