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Bitterness formula

What bitterness formula do you guy use? I have an option for ranger, tenseth or Garetz. I’m using beer smith 2.0 mobile

I use Rager but really none of them are perfect. My advice is to pick one and adjust to fit your beer. Most of my recipes I have adjusted them to fit my pallet. Just stick to one to be consistent and go from there.



most people use tinseth


most people use tinseth[/quote]


Rager is optimized for partial boils and Tinseth is optimized for full boils.

Tinseth seems the most accurate, so that’s the one I use. But actually all the different formulas incuding Tinseth tend to overestimate. Garetz is way off and essentially worthless. Either Tinseth or Rager is pretty good, it really doesn’t matter which too much. Pick one and stick with it forever and you’ll be fine.

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