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Bittering with Chinook

Anyone bitter with Chinook? Generally I bitter my pales and IPA beer with nugget. This brew I made with Chinook because on brew day that’s all I had. Not really happy I find it a bit harsh. It is still a bit young so we’ll see .

I keep NBs low ABV Chinook IPA on hand year round. Wifes BIL always appreciates it being here. The recipe doesn’t seem to be over the top on bitterness.

How many IBU on that beer?

I have no idea of the IBUs. Never entered the ingredients into a recipe builder. Brewed it once on a chance and have kept on brewing it.

I enjoy the heavy piney Chinook character, and I grow it. It’s a beast. It grew up into our plum tree 15 feet away. I just brewed an IPA this morning with 1 ounce of Chinook at 60 minutes, assuming about 13% AA based on previous years. I followed it with 1 ounce of Cascade at 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 minutes and at FO, 1 ounce Amalia at 5 and FO and 1 more ounce of Chinook at FO. The boiled wort tasted amazing. I used 0.5 ounce of Chinook as a FWH on the last IPA with some other bittering charges along the way in the boil (55 IBU’s calculated), and I didn’t think it was bitter enough. On this batch, I’ve calculated bitterness to be 65 IBU’s. I’m thinking this is going to be a much more balanced beer. I do enjoy Nugget and grow that one too. Never used it in an IPA. I’ll have to try that. I like the nice clean bittering of Nugget for my dark beers.

I like Chinook but I generally add it at 30 or 20. This will be the first time at 60. Like I said it’s still young. 10 days on gas. I generally don’t pass judgement until 2 or 3 weeks

I’ll have to correct my post. I went back to my notes and actually it wasn’t 100% Chinook for bittering. It was some Magnum Chinook and Citra. Used up what I had. I may have had a heavy hand since they were old hops that I thought would be weaker AA maybe they got stronger.

I brewed an Arrogant Bastard clone a few years ago. Brewed it a couple times actually and may again now that you made me think of it…

It was 100% Chinook. 75 minute boil, FWH 1 1/4oz 13% chinook for almost 60 IBU, then 1 oz at 20 and flameout for a total of 84 IBUs. I liked it. It was very close to Arrogant Bastard at 8.9% ABV

Actually I’ve been drinking it today and it’s loosing that harsness as it gets clearer. Maybe just some yeast bite. Haven’t been brewing or drinking west coast style IPA lately maybe just had to temper my pallet again. Drank quite a few today working on my sled

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What kinda sled? Old or new fangled contraption? Sneezles61

The one I’m working on is an Polaris gt lt. I keep it around for going out on the lakes it’s a two up and doesn’t weigh much good for the young ones also. I’m changing the track. I also have a Indy 500 for hauling supplies int camp in the winter. I’m right on the state trail system with hundreds of miles even more across the border which isn’t that far. Their both old beaters so I’m in the market for a newer sled. I can probably get a descent one down in CT with not to many hours. The ones up north have to many hours on them. You ride?

The last time I rode was 1980… I rode as a youngster before that, but wasn’t too it to it… I did alot of XC skiing… I drove a Johnson and it seemed that recoil broke every week!! :rage: I could remove, repair and replace in 15 minutes … Maybe my displeasure? Now it seems I’m wrapped around the Axel of life… and I can’t catch up… Sneezles61

My next sled electric start an reverse. I xc and tele. We would ski during the day and hit the Trailside dives at night. Some stuff happened and I stopped myself. Now I’m trying to get my legs back and ski more. I visit my daughter in CO and I really want to ski with my grandkids

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