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Bitter Scottish Wee Heavy

I just prepared my first batch of Scottish Wee Heavy for bottling and sampled the small amount used for testing alcohol content. I have made about two dozen other whole grain 5 gallon recipes and this is the first one that tasted bitter when sampled. Is this normal for this recipe or has the batch “soured”?

What was the first hop addition? Sneezles61

I assume you mean all grain. I only say this because I did make a whole grain beer, my first one… uncrushed… and it was very bitter from tannins.
Bitter and sour are completely different tastes. Which is it or both?

1 oz German Northern Brewer for 60 minutes per recipe was the only hop.

It is more sour than bitter. I used crushed grain for the all grain recipe.

It shouldn’t taste sour but you can get a lot of odd taste from Green beer. Let it finish and see


I make a DIPA that I just kegged. Drank the gravity sample and got a shot of bitter from it. Been on gas a week now and it’s normal.

Agreed… as stated, “bitter” is vastly better than “sour”. It will likely condition out. If you didn’t change any pitching habits or steps between your other batches and this one, I think you’ll be fine.

I’ll say a prayer for you.

Do follow up and let us know what happens! :slight_smile:

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