Big Yeast Starter

So I’ll be making a lager in the next couple of weeks. Mr. Malty says that a 3 Liter Starter is the required ideal starter size.

My question is: Do you just do a 3L starter?
Or do you do a 2 L starter, then decant and do another 1L starter? (step up)

I have a stir plate and a large 4 L Erlenmeyer Flask.

Thank you for your time guys,


If a 3L will create enough yeast for your pitch then just do the one step. You’ll be done in half the time.

I prefer brewersfriend for yeast calcs because it’s a little more conservative and easier to calculate stepped starters from what I remember about mr malty.

There is always room for discussion. I prefer the Brew United pitch rate/yeast starter calculator for what seems to be a more realistic estimation of yeast viability.