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Big Weekend

Finally got my new rig home an running. It’s beeyootiful! Some snags with the shirron getting stuck and creating backpressure resulting in the hose shooting off the barb but all in all it works well. Also installed a keezer, johnson control, pegboard and carboy shelf rack. And then brewed 4 batches: Kolsch, Saison, IPA, and Apollo IIPA. NBD.

Wow! You were busy! You got a year or two worth of things done in one weekend!

Sounds like the new rig is officially broken in! I have most of my components and am brewing with them but still haven’t set anything up or made a stand.

The Apollo pale sounds interesting, I have a pound of those and haven’t broke them open yet.

If the boil aroma and sweet wort taste are any indication, Apollo will be amazing. I normally don’t agree with listed tasting notes but this one was right on, intense citrus zest.

Inspired by your comment, last night I dug around in the hop freezer and found my Apollo and used 2oz for a dry hop in my latest APA.

My own big weekend involves brewing 16gal of cream ale for the Brewhemoth on Saturday. A friend helps me with this and we each keep one keg and then find someone who wants the third. So far we have found good homes for all the beers.

Interested to hear how the dry hop turns out. You prefer dry hopping over keg hopping?

Also, my therminator just got here so that little issue with my shirron is no longer of concern.

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