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Big starter

so i just got my yeast starter kit, the 2 liter one. i put a dopplebock recipe into beersmith, and it says i need an almost 6L starter with 3 yeast packs. how am i supposed to make this? i guess i could take all week and make 3 2L starters, but that seems very time consuming, not to mention trying to keep the yeast sanitary for a week?

Big lagers are rough, even if you have a stir plate. I would suggest making a smaller gravity beer in a smaller batch, like maybe 3 gallons or so, then pitching on to that yeast cake.

FYI if you are sanitary with your starter it will stay that way in the fridge for quite a long times. Months even, though after a few weeks you will need to feed it new starter wort since some of the yeast will die off.

IMO, like the 1g beer kits, the starter kits are useless and expensive. A 1 gallon jug is a better volume for ales and the 2g pails would be better for lagers.

Although the pails may will not work on a stir plate. But if I’m making a 6l/1.5g starter, might as well make a drinkable beverage. So I would not want to use the stir plate.

How you make it is by making a smaller lager with a smaller starter. So, brew a helles with an OG of 1.050 or somewhere around there, harvest the yeast from that and pitch it into the doppelbock. Problem solved, no starter needed for the doppelbock. Make about a 2 or 3L starter for the helles and you’ll be golden.

This. Plus you get more beer.

When we make beers on my buddy’s 1/2 bbl system, I just make a 5G batch a few weeks in advance. I would highly recommend decanting the wort off the trub before you pitch yeast in the starter batch if going this route. It eliminates the need for yeast rinsing/washing.

Do you have a dedicated beer fridge?

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