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Big starter - Split my yeast pack between two flasks?

Any reason I shouldn’t split my smack pack between two flasks.

Mr. Malty is telling me I need 2.22 liters of starter for my next brew and my flasks are 2 liter size.
So I was thinking I could use both my 2 liter flasks with 1.1 in each and split the yeast between them…
I guess ideally, I could get another yeast pack, but it’s already Monday and I want to brew this weekend.


You could do that, or do one flask and in 2 days boil up some more starter fluid and split it with the other one. I would just use an empty carboy if you have one available.

You probably have enough time to do a two-stage starter as long as you’re starting from a fresh yeast pack/vial. ... culations/
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