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Big RIS, how to age?

I brewed a Kate the Great clone today. OG was 1.105. I only hit 50% efficiency, where I normally get 70%. Had to use 3lbs of DME. Anyway, I want to age this till next November. I was going to leave it in the bucket for 3 weeks then put it in a carbon till November and then keg it. Then I started thinking that maybe this is a good one to put in bottles and age? When would you bottle or keg this kind of beast if you were going to age it?

Efficiency goes down as the grain bill goes up. You are trying to rinse more sugars with the same amount of water.

3-4 weeks on the yeast is a good plan.

Depending on what you have more of and what you want to tie up. Either glass or a keg would be fine to age it in. If you keg it, you can set it on CO2 right away. Then push it into bottles this fall.

Carbon prevents aging right? :slight_smile:

I’d bottle when it is done. Carboys are OK but a bottle seals better. Plus that way you don’t have to re-yeast.

I think I will bulk age it in a glass carboy after 3 weeks or so. I’ll flood the carboy with CO2 to prevent oxidation. I have a Blichman beergun, so I can keg/carbonate and then bottle next fall or just keg it if I decide then. I’m getting tired of inconsistent carb levels and sludge from traditional bottling.

are you adding anything to bulk age?

If it were me, I would secondary for a couple weeks and then keg it. Once you are satisfied with the carb levels, bottle it and use O2 absorbing caps. Then I would not touch it for 3-5 years with the exception of 1 bottle every 6 months to check on it. I really like my old RIS beers which have been bottled this way for years. They just keep getting better.

I primary mine for 3 weeks, secondary for 2-3 months, bottle and pull a tester every 6 months.

How long would you primary it? And what temp do you store the bottles at?

Primary 2-3 weeks. Store bottles at cellar temps (50-65)

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