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Big Mouth Bubbler

I’ve been considering getting a 6.5 gallon Big Mouth Bubbler.

Has anyone that is using them used the larger blowoff tube over the threaded male fitting yet? Is it fairly secure to where it won’t pop off?

Also, has anyone who already had the Brew Hauler for their older carboys been able to make it work with the Big Mouth Bubbler, or do you have you had to buy the new harness? Just trying to see if I can save some money when it comes to the harness. Thanks!

I don’t know about the blow off tube rig. The dimensions of the big mouth are given on NBs’ site. Compare that to your glass carboys or Better Bottles and how much diameter adjustment the straps of the carrier can be adjusted.
You will most likely be able to use your current Hauler.

My single Brewhauler works just fine with the 5, 6 standard carboys and my 5 gal Big Mouth. I think I read somewhere that you need a different Brewhauler for the Big Mouth but I cannot imagine why.

It’s adjustable to fit all of them.

Oh, and it is difficult to image that you would even need a blowoff tube for a 6.5 Big Mouth. Tons of headspace in there. I have the 5 gallon Big Mouth and have had a scare or two but still haven’t used the blowoff–but I should.

Thanks for all the info. Planning to buy one in the next few days and can’t wait to give it a try.

Are all the big mouths made of glass? I have not seen plastic and that’s what I was hoping to get.

Yes, glass. They’re not making them in plastic. (maybe in the future…)

EDIT: Speidel Plastic Fermenters might be what you’re looking for. Our host does not carry them though, so google it.

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