Big Mouth Bubbler with Universal Lid

Anyone have problems with the universal lid style for the BMB Evo2? I did a rye IPA yesterday with 1450, and it’s pushed the lid off even though it can still go through the bubbler?

Have we come up with a permanent solution to the BMB problem?

You could put a weight of some kind on top. Seems like they’re having all kinds of issues with these Big Mouth Bubblers. I’d just get a bucket and be done with it. Once you move past the novelty of seeing the fermentation, you won’t really miss it much. I’ll open ferment sometimes in my bucket with some cling wrap over the top of the bucket so I can see in but still protect it from anything falling in.

Honestly, putting weight on the top isn’t really a good solution. Im starting to think more and more about just investing in buckets myself. That said, i just had the same issue as @ready4launch even with a 1 in (Inner Diameter) blow off tube. So i really do think i did everything to eliminate the pressure.

So the next option was to go physical. I had high hopes for the V2 lids but i kept one V1 lid (thankfully). So what i did was put the V2 lid in a carboy, used a marker to mark around the place that it lined up. Then i took it to the knife. I SLOWLY and GRADUALLY removed material to be able to fit under a V1 lid. Then with the gasket back on, i dropped the v2 lid into the carboy, and then the V1 lid over the top and screwed it down like the original V1 lid.

Seems to be working so far, my test was lifting the entire carboy by the screw down lid and it held. If it pushes that off, then … well… i guess i need to go to a conical or something.

Good luck

BTW northern brewer… I think thats a good alternative design. Feel free to copy it at the cost of a few kits sent my way :smile:

I use the glass big mouths with the universal lids and I have never had a problem. At first when I put the lid on and rocked to aerate, the lid would come off. But, if you rock it and then push down on the lid and turn back and forth a bunch of times it stays on no problem. If it continues to pop up just do it again until it stays down. By the end of the fermentation I basically have to peel it off because it sticks so bad.

me got issues try to get a perfect seal takes a few twists to get a perfect seal
now i only use it when all my carboys are full and got nothing left on the end will move only to glass carboys for fermenting

think the bubbler are not a great design only thing easy to handle and to clean