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Big mouth bubbler. Melts

So went on line. Look for max heat into big mouth bubbler. They say. Max 140fh. So me cook water. To 120 fh. To sanatize the bubbler. After transfer beer to carboy. Guess what. Good bye my friend. You served me well for 3 years

Oh my! I was under the impression they were good to 140 F as well. My hot water comes out of the tap at >125 F and I use that to wash/rinse BMBs. I’m going to pay a lot more attention now. 120 F seems awfully low for it to melt.

Normally do use my speidel. But these where full so went to my old friend. Big mouth bubbler. For help. After my acid flav decide to clean with warm water. Before even started. Did look up max heat with big mouth. 140. But guess not.

If hot water crumpled it… you should be able to uncrumple it with hot water… Hang it some how and apply the hot water/heat it should be altered… Perhaps easier to throw it out… :unamused: Sneezles61

Could sell it as true brew art

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What temperature will your spiedel melt

140 as well. Simpel matter. That my bigmouth. Melted. At 120. No big deal.on the end. Sort of suprised me. It melted. Guess got to convince the wife to go stainless. Now

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I don’t think your going to kill an infection at 120f or 140f anyway. Unless your fermenter can handle boiling water or steam it is probably best to use a bleach solution.

So heres my fermenters now… I wished I did this right from the beginning. Sneezles61


Those are pretty. Can you boil in them. I’m looking for something to mash boil and ferment in one pot. I already do that with an 8 gallon stainless pot

This looks awesome

The bottom base is plastic… So, kinda as Wilco demonstrated… it’d melt… There is a little bit of a conical bottom… Sneezles61

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