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Big IPA stalled

Started a fairly big Imperial IPA about a 11 days ago, OG: 1.091. I Pitched a good starter and it took right off. But it has completely stalled at 1.030 and I want to get it under 1.020. Yeast has dropped, no krausen, no airlock activity. I slowly warmed it up to 70-71 degrees and have been swirling it in hopes of reactivating the yeast, but no luck.

I am considering pitching some new yeast with some yeast hulls. First, is this a good idea, and secondly, if it is what’s the best procedure?

I would pitch a starter at high krausen and hope that it is really just the yeast and not a mash profile issue.

It’s an extract recipe. Would I still encounter a mash profile issue?

Whats the recipe?

Extract tends to have more unfermentables than an all grain batch due to the process in making the extract. So the FG tends to be higher with extract. I think 1 or 1.5 lbs of sugar ( cane or corn) could of really helped to bring down that FG, assuming you didnt use any.

Either way i would warm that thing up to 75 F and see if you cant get the yeast to chew it down a few more points over a week or 2. You could gently shake the fermenter to get some yeast kicked back up, but dont pop the lid and stir, you dont want to introduce oxygen at this point.

Good luck

This doesn’t help you at this point but I thought I’d chime in anyway.

I just brewed a big beer last night and pitched some of the yeast along with a couple cups of wort into my Erlenmeyer flask. That way within a couple of days the small amount of wort should completely ferment out and I should know my final gravity so that once I take a reading on the full 5 gallons I will know if the yeast stalled out or if it’s done fermenting. I think I read about this in a BYO article and it seemed like a good idea for big beers so I gave it a shot.

Depends. Was it all very light extract? Did you use any crystal malt? Or was it like 12 pounds of Amber extract?

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