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BIG IPA 1 pound of Hops Critique

I have a pound of Bravo Hops that I want to make a big IPA with. Would like some input :cheers:

Bravo 150 IPA

10 Gallon Batch
75% eff.
British Ale Yeast WY1098 Culture

24 lbs 2-row
3 lbs rye malt
2 lbs caravienna
1 oz Bravo (17.3%) 60minutes 26.5 ibus
1 oz Bravo (17.3%) 40minutes 23.2 ibus
1 oz Bravo (17.3%) 30minutes 20.4 ibus
2 oz Bravo (17.3%) 20minutes 32.1 ibus
8 oz Bravo (17.3%) 5 minutes 42.2 ibus
5 oz Bravo (17.3%) 1minutes 5.7 ibus

Mash at 150 batch sparge

150 IBUs
OG. 1.077
Color. 7.5 srm
est abv 8.5%

Let me know what you think!

I’d take some out of the 8oz portion and toss it in for dry hopping…maybe half?

IME, Bravo is pretty one-dimensional and boring. I would use it for bittering and then use something more interesting for the late additions (with more Bravo if you like).

+1 on the dry hopping. I’ve been experimenting with IPA’s and APA’s and hop additions. I’ve made some with mostly bittering hops. I’ve made some with heavy late additions (hop bursting). I’ve made both with and without dry hopping. IMO, there’s no better flavor than an IPA or APA with a BIG dry hop. I like a medium dose of a clean high alpha acid for the bittering like Magnum. Several moderate additions of American ‘C’ hops between 20-1min and a few ounces to dry hop.

Yeah, all those late additions are basically wasted hops. Just do a really big dry hop (~8 oz)

My opinion is that the 40min and 30min additions are not going to get you anything useful in the hop character dept. You’ll be getting the bitterness but not much flavor or aroma. You may consider bring an additional ounce to the 60min and distribute the balance from 15min to WP. I agree with taking about 4oz to dry hop. I like the hop character in the finished product from the 15-0min additions…mellow bitterness and hop flavor you can’t get from dry hopping.

You could also first wort hop with some…I always like that addition.

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