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Big Honkin' Timeframe

Althought I’m new to this, I generally primary for 3 weeks then bottle, and condition for at least 3 weeks. I recently brewed a Big Honkin’ and Bourbon Barrel. I plan to secondary the porter on oak for around a month or two, but am lost as to what to do with the Stout. Thought about secondary and dry hopping for about a month. Anyone have any ideas that will provide good results? Both are extract kits, and are fermenting @ 64 degrees. I have enough equipment to primary 3 batches, and secondary 2 all at the same time.

Dry hopping that long is of no use. 7 days is best. If you want to free up a primary, move the stout to secondary and dry hop for a week and then bottle. I think that sitting on oak for that long may also be a detriment but you probably want to secondary that too before oaking. Do a search or maybe others will chime in. In the case of dry hopping, longer does not mean better.

Its little nuggets like this I am after. I searched big honkin, but didn’t come up with much in the way of a fermentation timeframe aside from reading the NB instructions. Just looking for some info from some fellow brewers that are a little more seasoned in the craft.

Searching for oak aging or oak cubes may turn up more results.

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