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BIG burton ale/English BW

Thoughts? Long term batch aging. a year or so. Going to split the batch after initial ferment. Then age half on medium toast oak for a few months.

you are going to lose alot of volume with 8oz of leaf hops. I would up the batch size to account for that.

Already thought of that. I figured 12oz wort per oz leaf…

I made a few adjustments…

12 ounces per ounce of leaf hops should be good. I just posted about this a while back and I think it was Denny who said he adds six ounces of wort for every ounce of leaf hops. Any other higher AA hop you might consider for bittering to cut down on the hop cost and absorption? I’ve used Target for bittering in a English style Barleywine before with success.

I thought about using nugget?

Yeah I think target should work. Thanks for the tip. I guess I didn’t think about hop cost. Pretty stoked about this one. This is my biggest all grain to date. It’s for my birthday. I’ll bottle 6 weeks before my birthday 2013!

If this is your first really big brew drop your expected efficiency by 5-10%.

I’ll do that. I’d be happy with a SG of 1085. It’s going to be hard not to try this one early.

Here’s the trick to not bottling. You brew a ton of beer and always have something else to bottle! I’ve been eyeing up my 12.9% Barleywine for the last three months but have always had something in bottles or something that should be bottled and drank young. So know I’m sitting at about eight months of aging and have decided it’s finally time so it will be drinkable for the winter.

Touche! I have a very dark spot that this will sit a min of 8 months. Let the bitterness fade. After that I will taste to see where I am at. I have a good feeling about this little one.

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