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Big brew day

I think I broke my “most productive brew day ever” record.

Kegged a maibock
Kegged a Pilsner
Moved Bourbon Barrel Porter to Secondary with cubes and bourbon
Brewed all grain Sustainor Rye Maibock ( 6 gallon)
Brewed all grain ESB (6 gallon)
Unhooked two empty kegs and washed them
Put two new kegs (irish ale and Surly Bitter Brewer) on tap

Started at 9am, done by about 4:30pm. Time to sit down, drink beer and watch football. This beer drinking stuff is a lot of work!

Gah-damn. I have a hard enough time brewing two AG batches the same day. Are your feet hurting?

Dude seriously that was some work! :cheers:

I was doing well until I sat down - I am beat. And now that you mention it - my feet do hurt. But good to get so much done and not have to worry about it.
My time fills up the closer I get to spring, so I try to crank out as much beer as I can Dec. - Feb. Last year I got nothing brewed in March, April or May - I paid for it in the summer when I did not have much on hand. Not gonna happen this year:)

Hell, I thought I was bustin’ it when I did 2 brews and kegged a batch on New Years Day. Hats off to you!

Good work son!

Am I the only one that thought “Uh oh, something terrible will happen next brew day.”?

Maybe that’s just my luck talking. Good job though.

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