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Hi all,
I,ve been thinking of trying BIAB for a while now. I,ve been doing extract-grains and been wanting to push the envelope somewhat. Are there specific BIAB kits one can get or can I just order a 5 gallon all grain kitand go? I have a keggle so boil capacity shouldn’t be a problem. Thoughts and any other extra gear I may need other than a bag of course. Thanks :cheers: Tank

5 gallon all grain kits will work fine.

It can be as simple as a BK and a bag.

I have (and love) the 15 gallon Bayou Classic kettle with included steaming basket. I put the grain bag in the basket and hook the basket handle to an overhead pulley when it’s time to pull it out and drain. This also makes it impossible for the bag to scorch on the bottom of the pot.

They sell the basket separate but it’s a bit expensive at $67. You might be able to do better with some looking.

I have done three successful 5 gallon BIAB batches using a Charmglow electric turkey fryer outside on my patio. I mash my grains, up to 10 lbs in the provided strainer that fits right inside the main kettle.
It has a handle so mash out is easy just lift it up and let it drain. I also squeeze the hell out of the bag at this point to extract as much wort as possible.

I then make up the difference in LME or DME. That I add to the boil around 30 min before flame out.

The electric fryer temps are adjustable and pretty accurate so for mashing I set it at 155 or so and for the boil I crank it to 330.

It takes about 25 min to get to mash temps but last time I used hot water and it went faster.
To get to a boil from the mash out temp of 170 takes about another 25-30 min but you get a very vigorous boil.

BIAB beers using this method all came out very satisfying. The best part is I have excellent temp control and it is all self contained. Clean up is easier and I dont have to fool with propane. Its my new method but completely maxed out at 5 gallons top off water volumes a must when pitching and sealing the fermenter.

Heres a link to what it looks like.

Ok sorry folks for the above post. I just realized the forum is all grain. :shock: My bad.

No apology necessary. BIAB is all grain.

That looks pretty cool actually. I’m seriously considering going electric with water heater elements in my kettles. I especially like the idea of being able to dial in the mash temp with a temp controller.

Danny this cold snowy weather has me thinking about going electrical and moving the WHOLE operation to the basement. Just don’t know how feasible it is for 10gal batches, and convincing SWMBO.

That’s the real challenge :slight_smile:

For me the bigger challenge is getting the unfinished “storage area” part of our basement cleared out for the brew space, then installing an exhaust fan. I need to rent a truck and make a couple trips to the landfill/Restore/salvation army and move some furniture to the barn loft.

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