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BIAB yeast

Trying my first BIAB today, a basic Cream Ale 2.5 gal. Using US-05. Is there any harm in using the full yeast pack? Sure 1/2 makes sense since it’s a half batch. But wouldn’t more be better?

That depends on whom is commenting… I wouldn’t have any problem… Good luck on the new style of brewing… I am thoroughly in with BIAB. Sneezles61


Although considered an over pitch I think you’ll be fine. I think it’s very difficult to get unwanted off flavors by over pitching compared to under pitching.


There is no BIAB specific yeast scenario that I can imagine. You will be just fine.
How was your first BIAB experience? Did you measure your OG and was it on target?

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@squeegeethree YES!!! Exact. I was hoping for 1.050 and got it

I gotta get to ORBC, I live in Delaware just up the road. A few friends went just after your grand opening and had great things to say

Thanks !! Ended up pitching most but not all of the packet

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I look forward to you visiting us! I also look forward to dialing in the system and getting different styles on tap!

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