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BIAB spreadsheet calculator for MAC users

In my infinite boredom being deployed to Afghanistan I sat at my computer for a good 10 straight hours and made a simple-to-use brewing spreadsheet. If you find any issues that need to be changed give me a heads up via email(its listed on bottom of the post), or simply reply to the thread. Anyway, here are the caveats to the spreadsheet.

It uses the tensith formula to calculate IBUs for PELLET HOPS. Check rooftop brew calculator if you don’t believe me :wink: . Adjust for whole cone if thats what you use.

The sheet assumes 1 oz PELLET HOPS soaks up 4oz water(this was a guess on my part). It also assumes 1LB of grain absorbs 16oz water, so 8 lbs grain absorbs 1 gal. And finally it assumes a half gallon lost per 20 minutes of the boil. I can adjust all of these.

This is for BIAB assuming you want 5.25 gallons of wort when the boil is COMPLETE. The extra .25 is for grub, if you are a trub dumper.

The efficiency calculator is based of an extraction yield of 35ppg for ALL GRAINS. Yes I know different grains have different yields, but I haven’t got that far yet. That will take a lot more work. But for now the efficiency box should be accurate to within 2-3%

Finally, I know the sliders can be a pain, but they are much easier to create than drop down menus. Unfortunatly there is no way to make them bigger for enhanced precision.

PLEASE send me comments on how to improve/adjust the sheet, I can also adjust it to different size batches. HELP ME HELP YOU! Any excel users out there----Is this sheet compatible on your computer?

Post your email address if you want the sheet, the forum won’t let me attach it :x



I take it for a test drive.


If you want to look at some other spreadsheets and programs I did some a while back.



Thanks John, I plan to expand mine a bit more. Sometimes those formulas are hard to find…and now I see how the crazy formulas in beer mags can be useful.


I would love a spread sheet.


I’m a sucker for SS, so please send me one


Hey sorry guys, it’ll take me a couple days to get it sent out, hotmail gave me issues with attaching it for some reason, and I’m currently on my way home from the desert(hard to get my computer on a network). But I will send it as soon as I can, I’d like to get some feedback on it.

Sent out as requested. Both excel and numbers versions. If you use a MAC be sure to open the numbers version so all the menus, and sliders work.

I would love to check this out.


Another email was sent out…anyone have feedback yet? I’m more so curious about the water amount calculations…I’m pretty sure the IBU # will be spot on, and the efficiency % will be pretty darn close.

I’d like the Numbers version.

theviceroy @ yahoo . com

Sent. Thanks for the interest.

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