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BIAB question?

Hello I have northern brewer 10gal tallboy kettle here the dimensions . Height: 16.75" without Lid; 18.75" with Lid
Width: 15" at Top of Kettle; 14.5" at Bottom of Kettle; 18.5" Handle to Handle
Inner Diameter: 13.75". So what I am wondering what size Bag will fit into my 10gal brew kettle for doing BIAB?

You will see that BIAB site has a page for that that is really helpful

I also highly recommend this as an upgrade


Yes exactly! That pulley is really nice!! Wish I would have ordered gloves too.

A ratchet pulley is a must if you do big grain bills or 10 gal batches. I got one similar to that from home depot. Might have been a bit cheaper but I went with a larger capacity to get a thicker rope which is easier use.

I have blichman brewing gloves that I believe i got from NB. The green ones. I’ve been considering getting heavier gloves. While the blichman gloves are nice they don’t protect against heat very well. Anyone have the ones that sells?

What have you guys rigged up to attach the hoist? A tripod perhaps or a joist?

I brew in my basement stairwell and there’s box window that conveniently overhangs part of it. So I put a lag bolt into a floor joist.

You can almost see it in this pic…haha

That’s the grainbill for a 10 gallon batch about to get sparged. The kettle on the right is my HLT. I drop a silicon hose into the top of the bag and pump water over the grain bed to sparge. So my BIAB is more of a batch sparge system using a bag/kettle as MT. I mainly started doing this because I like BIAB and didn’t want to upsize my BK for 10 gal batches.

Screwed an eye bolt into garage ceiling joist and hook it to that. In the new How To Brew under the BIAB section there are a few photos of him doing BIAB with a frame built with 2x4s. Looks pretty easy to build. I’ll probably make one for when I’m brewing outside.

Don’t really need a ratchet for 5 gallon batches just a pulley and boat cleat.

I hung up a pot rack in our kitchen for my wife and Whatdoyaknow it also works perfectly for my pulley. Who could have imagined :wink:


don’t you love when things just kind of work out?

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The size of the rope is the biggest item for a pulley… I got the heavy duty one, but just to break the basket from the wort is the hardest part… Its like being stuck in the mud/clay… that bit of vacuum… Sneezles61

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pull out too fast and you’ll have a big sticky mess. Learned that the hard way


:joy: sometimes it’s the only way to learn…

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