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BIAB Pot 11 gallon for $55 stainless

Saw this 11 gallon Bayou Stainless Steel pot on Amazon for $55, looks like a great deal -

Anyone using this for BIAB? I’m thinking about upgrading. Thanks.

While not the exact same, I have another 10 gallon Bayou Classic. The stainless is really thin. It arrived with a pinhole leak around the bottom. Amazon customer service was great… they just refunded and told me to throw it out. I managed to fix the leak, but keep in mind, it is very thin steel.

Looks like a good deal but 20 gauge is very thin and will dent easily. Scorching when using gas can be a problem as mentioned in one of the reviews.

I have that kettle. I don’t use it for BIAB, but have not had an issue with it. The metal is thin, but it has not caused me any problems. If you get a fitting welded to it for a valve, make sure you find a welder that knows what they’re doing.

Be careful with heat when mashing, but I’ve poured the heat to it during a boil and have not had any issues with scorching. It’s a good kettle.

Thanks for the comments.

I’ve got an 8 gallon now but really want to jump to 15 for BIAB. Looked at the Bayou Classic stuff but hesitant because of the reasons stated by others.

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Spike Kettles. Period. Sneezles61

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