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BIAB kudos, great C.S., and high recommendation

First off I apologize NB forum members, I am more of a lurker reading posts and gleaning information rather than contributing.

However I have had such a positive experience with a guy who tailors bags for BIAB brewing I felt compelled to share.

His name is Wisler and here is his website

His bags are cheap (but not cheaply made) and work great. I recently did a 10 gallon batch with 34 lbs of grain with no issues to bag strength.

Soooo after I pulled the bag out of the kettle I wasn’t paying attention and the bag was touching the outside of the kettle and burned 2 holes in the bag. Totally my fault and nothing to do with the quality of the bag.

I e-mailed Wisler who promptly e-mailed me back that he would repair the bag for free and sell me another new bag for 1/2 price—>outstanding customer service!

If you are looking into BIAB this is the go to guy for your bag. Shipping is reasonable and fast.

Just as an FYI my background is brewing for 3 years, 2 years all grain, just transitioned from 3 vessel AG brewing to BIAB

That’s a good review Ranger. Wilser is active on HomebrewTalk, and many people there recommend his bags. I BIAB in 5 gallon paint strainers. I like them, they are very cheap, but they do wear out after a few months.

I BIAB myself. I’ll have to check them out.

Good to hear I JUST placed my order from him on Thursday.

The above pics are my 26 gallon kettle, the mash, mashing out, and I No Chill and ferment in 7 gallon AquaTainers.

My last beer had an OG of 1.094 so I am using and airlock and blow-off tube from the open spigot.

I am hoping to transfer to a corny from the spigot with a similar hose.

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