BIAB Chocolate Milk Stout

Going to be brewing the Northern Brewer All Grain Chocolate Milk Stout tonight in a BIAB. What mash temp should I use? Anyone on here that has made it before have any tips or suggestions on brewing Stouts? This will be my first stout.

I’d mash around 150, sparge at 170. If you want to get less roasty and more chocolate flavor from the malt you could try a cold steep, at least I’ve heard that will help bring out these characteristics. I’d just stick to the directions for a first time stout brew. Good luck, brew on!!

Depends on what you want. Stouts should have a little more body so I would shoot for 153° or 154°.

For my BIAB I normally use the temps on NB instruction sheets, which are normally the same as BeerSmith’s numbers. Did NB Black IPA and it came out great. Made the Milk Stout as an extract last year and plan AG this year, so keep us updated.

HaHa, OK, Well this is how it started. Got my mash in at 168 thinking once I stirred the grains for a couple minutes the temp will drop some. WRONG!!! Didn’t drop under 160 at all. So that went well of course. So I get my wort to a nice rolling boil, and add first hop addition. I hear one of my daughters scream. Investigate. Younger daughter punched older daughter in the stomach. They are 7 and 4. I fix problem, come back outside. WTF OMG!!! Boilover!!! Lost about 1/2-3/4 gallons. Turn burner off and clean pot. Get back to it. Everything else worked out fine though, lol. So its fermenting now and it will probably be the best beer I ever brew. Annnnd I will never be able to duplicate it. It was a bad brew day :evil:

LOL! Great post. I’m still looking for that first "perfect brew day " ! I have this great brew day checklist. Problem is, I stop looking at it at some point and get lost…I’ve forgotten whirlfloc tabs, forgot to put the chiller in the boil, missed hop additions,etc leading to some colorful expletives… brewers dementia??

Well my yeast are doing great work, lots of bubbling, so I didnt fully get F’ed in the A. So I will have beer, not sure how good it will be though, lol.