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BIAB Calculator?

Hello I am little confused about the BIAB Calculator see where it say total water needed is 4.59gal now is that 4.59gal that I am using to do my BIAB mash. Here the picture

Yes 4.5 gallons to start. Hop pellets can absorb a bunch of water as well BTW.

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I usually just start with 5 gallons and take what I get in the fermenter. I don’t get all wrapped up in precision measurements. I also do a sort of hybrid BIAB in a round cooler, so my experience may be different from what the calculations expect. Boil off rate seems like the most inconsistent part of my process; YMMV.

Usually end up with 2.75-3.5 gallons in the fermenter. 4.59 seems like it’s in the ballpark though.

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