BIAB batch size?

NB biab kits are all three gallons. Why not 5?

Can I just scale up the grain and hops to do a 5 gal batch still using biab?


Even better, you can buy any of the all-grain kits and brew them as BIAB. :cheers:

I know a guy who brews 15 gallons BIAB. He has a pulley system set up in his garage. Personally I brew 1.7 gallons at a time BIAB (that’s 1/3 the size of a standard 5-gallon recipe). The choice is yours – brew as little or as much as you want!

+1 I brew 5 and 10 gallon batches BIAB and have a little ratchet pulley setup to hoist the bag out. Just scale the recipes to fit your needs and your system.

As stated by others, 3-gal is just the size of the kits they label as BIAB. There’s no reason you can’t do more or less.

I wish they sold more 3-gallon kits because I consider it the reasonable maximum for brewing on a standard kitchen stove. Much more and you need the outdoor turkey frier… I prefer brewing indoors.

i’ve a friend who buys the 5 gallon all grain then gets an extra yeast and hops, cuts the batch in half. Now he can brew the same style and fiddle with yeast as a variant on flavor changer… Sneezles61

Anyone foresee an issue with a 3 gal BIAB in a 6 gall Carboy for a primary ferm? Can’t imagine one but thought I’d throw it out there.


No issue at all - just might make getting the last bit of clear beer off the yeast cake slightly more difficult, as it’ll be spread across the bottom of a wider vessel. Very minor issue.