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BIAB 100% Kolsch 3 Gallon Kit - First time all grain

Hi all, just venturing into all grain with the above BIAB kit. I requested crushed malt and the bag is labeled crushed but it sure doesn’t look crushed to me. Maybe I just have a different definition of crushed?

Any input from the board?

I’d call in but the help line is closed until tomorrow and I wanted to get brewing tonight.

That malt certainly is not crushed. Bummer… but there is a way to mill without a mill… blender, baby!


Dave, thanks for the quick reply and advice, I’m currently trying to track down a mill, but may end up going the blender route.

On another note the package was delayed by UPS and instead of delivery on Friday, I got the kit on Monday, the Wyeast Kolsch yeast pack was not that cold any longer and seemed to be a little inflated (though not full by any means). I checked the smack pack and it was still intact so I smacked it a few hours ago. Do you think a week in transit (instead of 4 days) could have compromised the health/effectiveness of the yeast? The cold packs were no longer cold either.

It depends how hot the yeast got during transit. If they could have been “cooked” in a heat wave or something they might be dead. But my guess would be that the yeast is just fine. If the pack swells within 36 hours everything will be just fine.

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