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Bg14 burner distance from kettle (blichmann owners)

I have a bayou classic kab4 burner with a bg14 banjo burner the distance from the kettle is about 4.25". Can anyone that owns a blichmann burner tell me what the distance from the kettle is?

About 3" or 2.875" from the tip of the “nozzles”

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That bg14 is a high pressure banjo burner isn’t it? Is the blichmann?

I think the blichmann comes with a 10 psi regulator. kab4 with a 30 psi regulator.

Edelmetall is a similar burner casting, and is also 10 psi.

Maybe the high pressure burner should be further from the pot to avoid scorching and burning the bottom of the kettle? Just a WAG on my part.

It doesn’t necessarily run at 30 psi. If you run the flame to large it’s unstable but at about a 1 inch or so flame.

Do you have the adjustable 30psi reg? I have one on one of my burners. I really like it. I can just open the gas up and then adjust the flame level with the red knob. Much better control of flame color with that one.

My old high pressure burner was located at 3" below the kettle. It worked well for many years. Sneezles61

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I just finished drilling some new holes to raise the burner an inch to around 3 inches. Testing it out now.


This is similar to the 0-30psi regulator that I have. Mine has the usual open close thumb screw valve on it as well.

@dannyboy58 how does that do on gas mileage? Is it easy to adjust? Ive read that they are tougher to adjust due to the broad range (i.e. a little turn can add too much heat or take too much off). I’ve thought about updating my regulator so I get to a boil quicker.

I like it. It’s definitely a finer (more finer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) adjustment. I crank open the thumb screw then use the red dial to adjust. I can get a boil faster by opening it up, then I dial it way back to keep the boil going. It sips propane at that point and you can barely hear it. I’ve been considering pairing it with a banjo burner. Right now I just have the small bayou classic burners.

Finished modifying it for now. Raised the burner height about 1". Added an ignition hole similar to the Blichmann floor burner. Looking to increase efficiency and reduce propane usage keeping the flow down and maintaining a nice blue flame. I also enjoy how quite it is. You can actually have a conversation next to it.
Noticed that if you run the PSI too high the flame doesn’t burn from each orifice. It dances around the burner. Tested it with 7 gallons of water. From 60*-160* it took about 18 minutes and from 160*-212* it took another 10 minutes.

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That looks very nice! I didnt try adding an electric igniter, but I thought that would be another great addition… I wanted to use the spark plug type… Sneezles61

I have the same burner and love it. Have had it a little over a year now and no problems with it. I did not make any modifications to it. It doesn’t look as pretty as yours now as some of the paint has burnt off. I will say that I learned to really turn it down once the boil gets going. You can control it to just a slow rolling boil and this also saves a lot on propane.

I picked up some ultra high heat rustoluem spray paint and repainted it. It still burns off eventually but it’s way better than the original paint they put on it.

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