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I purchased two used kegs from . Received them a few days ago. Disassembled them to clean prior to use and one of the posts was very hard to remove. I got it off and cleaned everything in PBW. The kegs were filty with soda syrup and grime inside and out.

When I tried to put the one back together I realized someone had cross-threaded the post onto the keg so now the threads on the actual keg are damaged.

When I contacted beverage elements their response was that disassembling the keg had invalidated my warranty!

Not pleased at all.

After multiple emails back and forth and me sending pictures to them of the damaged threads on the keg beverage elements relented and agreed to send me a new keg on Monday. I just hate that I had to be a jerk to make it happen…


I like that you stood your ground! I understand used is used… but wouldn’t someone there do a quick, yet simple check? They sound kinda like a parallel to a puppy mill… I applaud you Danny!! Sneezles61

They cleaned them but IMO did a quick sloppy job. I’m not sure who took the posts off last and re-installed them. but they likely shot the posts back on with a drill or pneumatic gun and just misaligned this one. It has a big weld around the stem too but it was under good pressure when I got it.

I’ve always had good results with them. And it would be very poor customer service for them not to honor a return on a damaged item they sent. Sure if it was 3 months later and they couldn’t tell if you took it apart and ruined it then I could kinda understand.

Glad it worked out for you.

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Good for you. You made your point.

Thats the reason i am afraid to use ebay. Got some bad experiences with them. Ok i know used or second hand products. But still you want something that works. Me did buy some. Special edition records. Ok do have the cd. But wanted the record. First print. Kingdiamond. Abigail. With on record. Middle part. Signature. Of th band. Upon ariving a regular. Record. No signature. Never a response or reply

Just is a bummer those shady characters… Should be a way to call them out if there isn’t a reply… Sneezles61

Thanks for sharing this. For what its worth, I have had good experiences with used kegs from both and

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Yea I’ve used Keg Connections for many of my kegs and other kegging equipment. Always a pleasure doing business with them.

Beverage elements came through with a replacement keg. Not a huge problem but the posts on it are not the normal 7/8’ like all my others…3/4 maybe…that’s a pain because I keep a 7/8 wrench in my “brew tool kit”. I 'll just repace the posts.

AND… there’s like a 19/32" posts. I can’t recall the threads per inch… But thats a tough one to find… I have one… I’m going to make a hack gizmo with it. Sneezles61

Yea 19/32”-18. I went to two old school hardware stores today then looked online for a while and haven’t found one yet.

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