"beverage grade" CO2

Hello. Went this week to get a small, 20oz CO2 tank refilled at Dicks Sporting Goods. I use this tank for my SYNEK system (if you dont know what that is, check out Synek.beer) which keeps and serves about 1 gallon of beer in their unique dispenser.
Anyhow, the nice guy at Dicks says, “I just want you to know our CO2 is not beverage grade…” which sent me scrmbling on my phone to figure out if that is OK or not. From a quick search, it appears to be fine, but I would love to know what the keggers in this community think.
Thank you.
In due time, I would like to start using my Big Mouth Modular keg with a 5 lbs CO2 canister and would prefer to refill at Dicks than exchange at my local home brew store.

I don’t think there is such a thing as beverage grade co2. Co2 is Co2. I get mine filled at a welding supply shop, so it definitely wouldn’t be ‘beverage grade’ and I’m still alive.

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible if there is such a thing and your Dicks gas ends up killing you.

Edit: Damn, there is such a thing…time to call the welding shop and maybe my Dr.

I rarely get my tanks filled anywhere else than at a fire equipment dealer. I doubt if there was a difference they would have “food grade” for fire extinguishers. Never had a problem.

I guess my question is, why are you reluctant to exchange at the home brew store?

Since 1995, when Coke had to dump thousands of gallons of soda, CO2 is food grade. How the CO2 is stored and dispensed depends upon whether it is food grade or not. CO2 which is dispensed from clean and inspected tanks is food grade.