Beverage Air BM23 (old style) Temp

I have been getting some good information on this great forum. I have a question that I have not been able to find the answer to:

I have an old, but excellent condition BM23 (woodie). All is spotless and seems to work like a champ. I have it all cleaned and ready and have been using to store my bottled craft beers. There is about a case in there now. My question is - is it normal for temp swings from 37F-44F? I have been watching for the past day and that is what is occurring. Is because there is not enough mass (no keg) to retain, or ??

She is currently dialed into about 4 3/4 on the thermostat.

Thanks! :cheers:


I believe I have the same unit. Mine is from the 70’s. I have not really noticed a temp swing. Mine stays pretty close to high 30’s but I have to confess that I have not checked it in a while. It came with two towers with 3 taps total and I added a 4th tap and changed out to Perlicks.

I placed a glass of water in the BM23 overnight and the placed probe in it. It is holding steady at 41F. I guess air temp is not a good test and all that matters is our beverages are steady!