Better than a Thermapen?

I was thinking of taking some solid advice on this forum and buying a Thermapen. However, now the $129 TW8060 kit has me wondering… ... l#ProbeTab

Does anyone own that kit? I would use it for brewing, cooking, and Bbq.

I have a similar unit and love it. I also use mine for brewing, barbecuing and cooking. The one you’re looking at looks even better. I wish it had been available when I bought mine.

Check this out: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=109024&p=961500#p961500

These units are considerably more versatile than the thermapen, and you can get the same performance with the right probe (model 303-159). To me, a type K device is the easy choice over the thermapen.

I have a similar unit that I use for smoking. It’s great, even has a wireless transmitter so I can keep an eye on everything while inside having a beer. One word of caution, the cleaning instructions on mine say specifically not to immerse in water. I would double check all the info to make sure the probes aren’t susceptible to water damage.

Yep, most probes are not meant to be used in liquid. One of the great things about a type K unit is that you can buy a waterproof probe such as the one I use to monitor mash temp.

Both have their advantages. A couple of nice things about the TW0860 is that you can disable the auto off feature and it uses AAA batteries. But, I would make sure to pick up a liquid probe.